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GHS Signs
GHS Signs

GHS Signs (Globally Harmonized System)

Marking Services Incorporated GHS signs are specifically designed to comply with the standards established by the United Nations.  Use our sign to identify health, physical and environmental risk hazards; information critical to keep your workplace compliant and safe. Standardized pictograms, signal words and hazard/ precautionary statements used on our GHS signs keep workers informed of specific chemical hazards and comply with GHS regulations.

Do-it-yourself label printers are cost prohibitive, time consuming and offer limited size and color options. Need additional information such as NFPA diamonds or HMIS?  We can create signs with all the required information based on your specifications, while remaining compliant with GHS regulations.

MS-215 Max-Tek Signs

• Printing is encapsulated beneath a layer of high-performance polycarbonate
• Resistant to chemicals and fading
• Highest quality material available
• Complete printing flexibility
• Flexible and Rigid constructions based on your mounting and surface needs

GHS Signs from Marking Services provide plant specific information

MSI creates highly-descriptive GHS signs that provide plant personnel with the necessary information regarding hazard identification, operating procedures and identification.  As a single source supplier, MSI works with you to develop a comprehensive GHS signage program. We offer a complement of services including design, engineering, manufacturing and installation or full turnkey packages to complete your GHS signage program from beginning to end in a seamless, cost effective process.

Marking Services Canada WHMIS Labels and Signs

Contact us today to get started with your GHS signage program.

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