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Marking Services Incorporated
MS-975 Coiled Polyester Pipe Marker
MS-975 Coiled Polyester Pipe Marker

MS-975 Coiled Polyester Pipe Markers

Marking Services Inc. (MSI) offers MS-975 coiled pipe markers for identifying piping in a wide variety of indoor applications. Our pipe markers provide instant identification of pipe content and flow direction, information critical to keeping facilities safe and compliant.

MS-975 pipe markers feature a unique construction with legends sub-surface printed and protected by a layer of polyester. These markers are held in place by an adhesive strip that affixes onto the coiled marker itself, so there is no adhesive touching the pipe. There is no need for special preparation of the pipe surface, so installation time is greatly reduced compared to conventional stick-on markers.

  • Water resistant
  • Available in a wide variety of coiled sizes up to 25" (63.5cm) along piping on diameters up to 60" (152cm)
  • Markers can be customized for size and color
  • Service temperature range: -40° F to 250° F (-40° C to 121° C)
  • Made from .005" (0.127mm) mil polyester
  • Tensile Strength: 22,000 PSI
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Markers can accommodate custom information with multiple lines of text

Standard sizes and colors – additional sizes available upon request

Marking Services improves and standardizes the identification of hazards and components to promote safer work environments and minimize downtime due to errors or accidents. We provide a full complement of identification products designed to fulfill identification needs in nearly any environment. Through our commitment to providing value-added services, high-quality products and on-time delivery, MSI offers you a one-stop, comprehensive source for all your identification needs.

Click here to download our MS-975 Coiled Polyester Pipe Marker technical data sheet.

Contact us today to order or learn more about MSI’s identification products and label identification services.

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