Marking Services Incorporated
Marking Services Incorporated
Operations Boards / Signs / T-Card Box
Operations Boards / Signs / T-Card Box

Operation Boards / Signs / T-Card Box - Marine and Offshore

Marking Services Incorporated provides highly visible information that raises the level of safety awareness in marine and offshore locations. Our operation boards display location specific information that is pertinent in emergency situations.

Constructed of MS-215R, Dibond Operation Boards or MS-215F Signs, operation boards and signs aid in tracking items related to drilling, marine and safety operations. In addition, our operations boards communicate instructions, procedures and work systems for all onboard. T-Card boxes are customized based on POB and constructed of 316 SS.

The operations boards and signs are categorized into:

  • Operation Boards – Marine
    • Boards used to aid in marine operations for real-time updates
    • Examples: Permit to Work, Wire Ropes on Board, Mud Pits Screen Shaker Board, Equipment Status, etc.
  • Operation Boards – Drilling
    • Boards used to aid drilling operations for real-time updates
    • Examples: BOP configuration, Kill Text Sheet, Tubular Inventory, Deviated and Vertical Well-Information Board, Bulk Status Board, etc.
  • Operation Boards – Drilling
    • Sign boards used to display safety information
    • Examples: Welcome on-board, Helideck Signs, Lifeboat Muster Station, Lifting Gear Color Code, Man-riding Tugger Signals, Crane Signal, Equipment Instructions, etc.
  • Operation Signs – Accommodation
    • Information signs displayed for rig personnel safety
    • Examples: Safety Posters, Safety Instructions, Fire Control Plan, Station Bill, Policies, Corporate policies
  • Operation Safety Signs
    • Signs that stresses and imposes safety observation around across rig class.
    • Examples: Caution, Warning, Prohibition, Hazardous, etc.

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