Marking Services Incorporated
Marking Services Incorporated
Marking Services Corporate Headquarters
Marking Services Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

Marking Services, Inc.
8265 N Faulkner Road
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Toll Free: 800.234.0135
Ph: 414.973.1331
F: 414.973.1332

Marking Services Incorporated (MSI) is a labeling contractor specializing in engineering, manufacturing and installation services of pipe markers, valve tags, equipment identification and in-plant signage on major construction projects. As a single source supplier and contractor, MSI delivers labeling services and a comprehensive range of superior identification products to plant owners and construction contractors for enhanced communications, operability and safety.

Headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, we also have facilities in Houston Texas, Singapore, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Australia and Brazil.

Marking Services has two distinct business segments tailored to the individual needs of specific markets in which they reside: Contractor Marking Services and MSII Turnkey Identification.  

The Faulkner office serves as MSI corporate offices and is dedicated to the Contractor Marking Services Specialty.

Contractor Marking products and services save in-place costs
Working directly with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and ammonia refrigeration contractors of all sizes, MSI has been advancing the use of pipe markers, valve tags and equipment signs to enhance overall operations of commercial, industrial, health care, educational and technology facilities for the last 20 years.

  • Take Off Service
  • Submittal Service
  • Product Recommendations
  • Custom and Stock Mechanical and Electrical Identification Manufacturing
  • Pack- By Service

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Corporate Headquarters

Toll free: 800.234.0135
Ph: 414.973.1331
8265 N. Faulkner Road
P.O. BOX 240027
Milwaukee, WI 53224
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