Boston Children's Hospital

How AIM Aided in Efficient and Effective Equipment Operation

An important element of BCH's Operations is the regulatory requirements they must follow which focus on industry best practices and safe operations, directly impacting their patients’ care. Our AIM Mobile Technology and Field Services provided the necessary tools for their operation’s team to consistently maintain and operate equipment in the most efficient and effective manner.

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The Challenge

BCH Facility Maintenance and Engineering teams wanted an intuitive Mobile Technology application that would give them on-demand access to critical asset specific documents in their facility to achieve increased confidence and efficiency in Operations. With limited resources to ensure critical asset documents were available on-demand, and that all assets were identified and inventoried on an on-going basis, BCH turned to us for a solution.

The Solution

We partnered with BCH to deliver AIM Mobile Technology and Field Implementation Services ensuring all assets in BCH’s facility were identified with a label that could be scanned using a mobile device to instantly view critical asset documents right at the asset location.

We wanted a mobile application that was easy to use and could be managed and understood by everyone in our Operations. With MSI’s help, we successfully leveraged our existing facility automation system and facility management system with AIM Mobile Technology and MSI’s Field Implementation Services to create a process that is both effective and consistent.

Paul Williams, Director of Engineering

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Using MSI's Services The Following Was Achieved

Regulatory Compliance

We provided the Field Implementation Service to locate and label all assets in the field and recorded the data to be inventoried into a CMMS and the AIM application. During BCH’s last Joint Commission Audit, BCH was prepared to meet Asset Tagging and Documentation requirements with the services we provided.

Operational Efficiency

The AIM application provided access to critical asset documents in the field during construction and after commissioning in daily operations. Project turnover was more efficient, and personnel had greater confidence that requirements were being met during inspection.

A Secure Document Retention Plan

Spending time searching for critical asset information is in the past for BCH. Now, all important asset documents are stored in AIM’s cloud-based asset information management application where they can be accessed 24/7.

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