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Our Material Take-Off Service produces savings and makes asset labeling an integral part of your project rather than a costly afterthought. We manage the take-off process to save you time & money. Our highly valued take-off service provides a smoother, more cost-effective process that allows our labels to be installed faster and with much less time & effort on behalf of the contractor.

Material Take-Off Process

  • Drawings and applicable specs are submitted
  • Drawings are marked and color-coded indicating location and style of marker 
  • Accurate bill of materials is produced
  • Labels are produced and packaged by specific request using our Pack-By Service
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Sample Applications

Our Material Take-Off can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Fire Suppression
  • Mechanical

Pack-By Service

As an added bonus, when you use our Material Take-Off Service we will package your order using our Pack-By Service. Our Pack-By Service allows your order to be packaged by any specification desired, saving time and money during the installation process. Orders can be packaged by any specification required, including:

  • Building
  • Floor
  • Room
  • Material Type
  • Application
  • And more...

Also, see our Pack-By Binder that pre-sorts your labels saving you time and labor.

MTO - AIM Service

Digital Access To Your Drawings

Our value-added Take-Off Service includes digital access to marked drawings. You are able to access drawings in the field from your mobile device, simply by scanning the QR-codes on the MS-900 Label Sheets & Packing Slips with our AIM Mobile Technology App. By including this in our Take-Off Service we are able to further help reduce your in-place costs & increase ease of installation. Overall, this will provide more efficiency and accuracy to your installation process. 

Benefits & Advantages Of Our Material Take-Off Service

Quick Turn Around

Provide us the necessary documentation and we will complete the take-off process quickly and efficiently.

Saves Time

Our in-house engineers use project drawings and specifications to determine accurate material counts for your labeling needs.

Saves Money

Installation is more efficient and accurate and allows for quantity pricing. Products are packaged by area reducing the manpower required for implementation.

Ensures Accuracy

Prevents over/under-ordering of labeling and offers a seamless process from Take-Off to material installation.


At MSI we value our customer's loyalty and offer our Take-Off service at no additional cost.

The Total Package

We'll deliver color-coded, marked project drawings for you to use as a road map for installation and package your products specific to your installation process.

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