Healthcare Compliance

Jul 12, 2021

Compliance with CMS/Joint Commission Standard EC.02.05.01 Requires Healthcare Facilities to Document Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of High Risk and Non-High-Risk Equipment

Healthcare facilities by nature are bound to a variety of regulation and compliance issues on an ongoing basis. One of the organizations most involved in regulation and compliance for healthcare facilities and their operators is the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is a leading organization of accrediting and certifying the healthcare industry for safety.

The Joint Commission standards require hospital facilities to document inspection, testing, and maintenance of high-risk and non-high-risk equipment. There are many challenges a facility must face to be prepared for an audit, including having documentation ready and easily accessible for an auditor in order to remain compliant and audit ready. As a facility manager, this can seem like a daunting task especially in older facilities where documents have not been properly stored or are not easily accessible.

Depending on when and how documentation was turned over, these documents may be in paper format (loose leaf, catalogs, binders), or electronic with various file types (PDF, MS Office docs, etc.), and may not be easy for facility staff to locate as quickly as needed. For each asset enrolled into a CMMS system, the hospital is required to maintain multiple documents that must be readily available during an audit. While most CMMS systems provide for the storage of documents, the effort required to upload and retrieve these items often stretches the resources of healthcare facility staff, leaving gaps in readily available documentation that may leave you at risk of being non-compliant during an audit.

To avoid issues during an audit that can cost significant time and money, MSI recommends an asset identification program that centers around on-demand digital documentation both in the field and at a desktop. By implementing this program, you eliminate risk by having secure electronic versions of all documents and forms that can be pulled up at a moment’s notice and are not prone to being misplaced or mismanaged.

AIM Technology provides facilities with an easy to use and cost-effective intelligent asset identification program that will help your facility remain compliant as well as more operationally sound. AIM Technology & Services allows a facility to have all essential documentation instantly accessible by asset. This allows facilities to quickly show compliance during an audit and provides operations with on-demand access to essential manuals and documents via a desktop or mobile app.

To learn more about AIM and how it can help your facility:

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