Properly Labeling a Solar Project

Labeling Solutions to Fit Ever-Changing Requirements

Sep 27, 2023

Labeling requirements on solar projects differ from project to project depending on a variety of factors including the size of the project, the equipment involved, and the location. It’s important to know the requirements of your project so that you can get the right material, legends, and information required to keep your labeling efforts compliant.

Requirements can differ in a variety of categories including material type, material legends, and the visibility of your labels. Common examples include adhesive labels versus placards, white text on red backgrounds versus colored headers, and material types such as reflective. In other cases, a project may need multi-colored NEC labels that go beyond what your current engraved plastic can offer.

Checking the requirements to make sure you follow the specifications and stay compliant can be cumbersome. When you add this together sometimes cookie-cutter stickers and packages don’t cut it.

Like the ever-changing requirements of your projects, your labeling needs to evolve as well. At MSI we recommend a multi-faceted labeling approach that focuses on material that allows for maximum customizability and durability. Having a material that can be fully customized to provide different legends, images, colors and material types is key to making sure labeling your projects isn’t a headache. By choosing the right material for your labels, you’re ensuring that you can get all of your labels from a single source and won’t have to scramble to piece it together last minute.

A unique solution MSI offers our customers is our MS-215 placard material. This fully customizable material gives you the freedom to make your placards in any way you need including multiple colors, images, reflective material and more. Not only is it fully customizable, MS-215 is an extremely durable placard material that is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments, so you can be sure your labels won’t fail shortly after installation. This allows you a way to stay compliant with project specifications without sacrificing durability.

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