Coated Coil of Strapping from MSI

Coated Coil of Strapping

Easy to install coated stainless-steel strapping is made from durable ¼” wide stainless-steel. Ideal for highly corrosive or other harsh environments.

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Product Information

Product Overview

  • 100' Coil
  • Coated Stainless Steel
  • See Technical Data Sheet for detailed specifications

Benefits / Features

  • Durable material
  • Strong mounting

Recommended Products

Thermoplastic coated ¼” wide stainless-steel cable ties with attached stainless steel clips are designed for harsh environmental applications where protection against potential galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals is required. The strap is bent back on itself under the clip preventing metal contact with the pipe surface. In addition, this material also provides excellent corrosion resistance, is outdoor durable and offers superior resistance to sun, salt, and seawater. It is also flexible, impact and abrasion resistant.

Easy to install, cut-to-length stainless-steel straps are made from durable ¼” wide stainless-steel. Straps come with attached locking head, no clips required. Ideal for highly corrosive or other harsh environments. Use with locking tool (Part #15715).