MS-900 Self-Adhesive Medical Gas Marker - Carbon Dioxide

MS-900 Self-Adhesive Medical Gas Markers

MS-900 Self-Adhesive Medical Gas Markers are an economical way to mark medical gas pipes. The self-adhesive material is made with a pressure sensitive adhesive allowing for easy installation with limited surface preparation. Medical gas markers are suitable for line marking and system color coding. 

Marker roll contains 100 labels (3" x 3"). 

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Product Information

Product Overview

  • Simply clean and dry the pipe prior to installation.
  • Manufactured per NFPA-99C; CGA C-9-2002 “Standard Industry Color Coding Recommendations for Medical Gases”.
  • Recommended for indoor use only.
  • See Technical Data Sheet for detailed specifications.
  • Made in the USA

Benefits / Features

  • Self-Adhesive
  • Directional arrow and legend printed on marker
  • Wide variety of legends available
  • Custom options available upon request
  • Color, legend, and flow direction are printed on one marker.
  • Contrast between legend and background ensures complete legibility of the contents of the pipe.

Product Specifications

Base Material
Premium-grade Thermoplastic
Material Thickness
.004" (.1 mm)
Service Temperature
-50°F to 180°F (-45°C to 82°C)
Application Temperature
+50°F (10°C)
Chemical Resistance
Water Resistance
Expected Outdoor Durability
Indoor Use Only
Storage Durability
Up to 2 Years

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