MSI Take-Off Service Provides Digital Access to Marked Up Drawings

In 2022, MSI made some exciting improvements to our Take-off Service. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of expertise, which is why we are proud to now offer digital access to marked drawings as a part of our Take-Off Service. Customers can access drawings in the field from their device, simply by scanning QR codes with our AIM Mobile Technology App. By including this in our Take-Off Service, we are able to further help reduce our customer's in-place costs & increase ease of installation. This was made possible by making significant process improvements in the manufacturing and packaging of our MS-900 Product Line.

How it Works

- MS-900 labels are printed on sheets that can include different legends & colors per drawing

- QR codes are printed onto packing lists and at the top of our MS-900 Label Sheets

-Download the AIM Mobile Technology App to scan QR codes, and access marked-up drawings in the field

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